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Cowrie Shell Divination with Maurice

Cowrie Shell Divination with Maurice

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This is a donation based offering. Credit Card info is requested per our cancellation policy-- you will not be charged until time of service.

Statement of Scope, Competency + Risk

Here at Alchemy we strive to hold space that is human first, trauma-informed, and inclusive of all individual's lived experience and social identities. Our intention is to allow you to access your internal safety as best you can through our programming. All classes, courses, and offerings offer ample choice, consent, and clarity during the time together. All practitioners will remain in their scope of practice when engaging with you and the work. If necessary, you may be referred out to other individuals for more aligned support. Alchemy Ritual Goods is not liable for any injuries, loss of property, or other incidents that may occur. By signing up for this class or course, you are acknowledging that you know the risk involved and will not hold Alchemy liable. 

Cancellation + Rescheduling Policy

You can cancel and reschedule your appointments up until 24 hours before the session. If you fail to cancel the session or do not attend the session, we will be charging you a $15 cancellation fee.

Maurice is a spiritualist and Olorisha (Oni Sango) initiated to the orisha Sango in 2007 through a blended spiritual inheritance of Afro-Cuban Lucumi and West African Ifa lineages. Drawing from his training in Afro-Carribean Espiritismo that began in 2000 as well as some elements of southern style African American Hoodoo  to compliment the cowrie shell divination sessions he provides. His style of “reading” and divination is non-dogmatic, accessible to all (non-religous, religious & spiritual), radically inclusive to all identities in addition to being sex and lifestyle positive. As a result of his formal training as an Olorisha there MAY be offerings to the spirits in addition to cleansings (limpia or a sarayeye) that are recommend for the client, depending on the situation at hand. Recommendations such as offerings and cleansings are left to clients discretion to move forward with or not. Audio/Audio-Visual recording devices are not permitted during sessions but clients are strongly encouraged to bring paper & pen to take notes for their own reference afterwards. His core philosophy centers around assisting people to strengthen their own individual relationships to spirit and supporting everyone to live their best lives. 

Follow Maurice on Instagram at @theblusaint

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