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Akashic Records Session with Ratu

Akashic Records Session with Ratu

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This is a donation based offering-- you will not be charged until time of service

Statement of Scope, Competency + Risk

Here at Alchemy we strive to hold space that is human first, trauma-informed, and inclusive of all individual's lived experience and social identities. Our intention is to allow you to access your internal safety as best you can through our programming. All classes, courses, and offerings offer ample choice, consent, and clarity during the time together. All practitioners will remain in their scope of practice when engaging with you and the work. If necessary, you may be referred out to other individuals for more aligned support. Alchemy Ritual Goods is not liable for any injuries, loss of property, or other incidents that may occur. By signing up for this class or course, you are acknowledging that you know the risk involved and will not hold Alchemy liable. 

Cancellation + Rescheduling Policy

You can cancel and reschedule your appointments up until 24 hours before the session. If you fail to cancel the session or do not attend the session, we will be charging you a $15 cancellation fee.

Ratu, is an Akashic Record practitioner and channeler bringing through guidance from your divine counsel for knowledge, holistic wellness, and transformation. With the tool of the Akashic Records we are able to access our true light for the realization that we are already whole, and complete. Ratu specializes in energetically releasing limitations, heart softening, and helping you realize your multidimensional talents. She is open in five different clairs that allows her to bring through guidance and clarity in the specific way someone is open to. She supports you in bringing your light into your body and onto Earth, so that you are able to be in this world and not of it.


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