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Acupuncture Sessions with Luki

Acupuncture Sessions with Luki

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Luki’s  curiosity about healing remedies began when she was introduced to herbal medicine through her family’s traditional Guatemalan herbal remedies.  She obtained her BS in Botanical science and was interested in herbal medicine and its role in healing ailments.  This interest led her to Chinese medicine and the benefits of acupuncture as well as other Chinese medicine modalities.

She’s enthusiastic about educating people about holistic medicine and teaching people to take their health into their own hands.  She feels strongly that Chinese medicine is for everyone and that you can learn to incorporate it into your everyday life.

Luki offers acupuncture sessions with an emphasis on pain management and womb and reproductive health. Acupuncture is a treatment modality that uses needles to insert into specific points to treat various ailments.  In traditional Chinese medicine, practitioners utilize acupuncture according to meridian theory for disease elimination, energy and vitality, and pathogen reduction.

Acupuncture treatment can be used to address a variety of symptoms in patients, as well as to promote general health and well-being as a preventative treatment.  It is not a spa treatment, but a system used for prevention and treatment of ailments.



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