Ancestral Medicine Clinic + Classroom

The Ancestral Medicine Clinic

Ancestral Medicine Clinic is a donation-based community offering from established practitioners who offer a variety of cultural and energetic modalities. In addition, we offer divination in its various forms by highly skilled readers of tarot and oracle cards, cowrie shells as well as channelers.

The suggested donation is $40 but no one is turned away! Your donations help us to keep this offering accessible. You can donate directly to our shop in person with cash or credit/debit card. Your support is appreciated!

Use the button below to book a session or call 303-295-0101 to book.

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Weekly Offerings at the Clinic

Monday - Tarot Readings 2-6pm

Tuesday - Ancestral Medicine Clinic 2-6pm

Wednesday - Ancestral Medicine Clinic 12-4pm

Thursday - Ancestral Medicine Clinic 2-6pm

Friday - Tarot Readings & Ancestral Medicine Clinic 2-6pm

Saturday - Cowrie Shell Readings 11:30am-3:30pm

Sunday - Herbal Consultations 1-4pm

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The Alchemy Classroom

Our classroom has been created out of a voiced need from our community for a space that offers connection, education, and space holding. We wanted to be able to offer an accessible space for folks to commune, come together in ceremony, and honor the lineage of our gifts. Our practitioners also deserve to have space to share their gifts outside of 1:1 sessions. We are invested in creating unique spaces for connection and allow folks to feel empowered in their own healing journeys. A space to be in ceremony is so important especially in a city and in a neighborhood where space is not always provided.

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Are you interested in sharing your knowledge with the community? Reach out to us to discuss hosting a class or workshop at our space.